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     Armstrong International Media LLC and Distribution is your new Broadcast Media Network, Social Media Marketing and distribution service. A Black Woman-owned and curated grassroots company, we were founded August 2021 and growing ever since.


     Original content includes seven network shows, indie films, poetry and music videos and cartoons - we are the stifled, unheard voice of the community. Our distribution services for music, television and film are streamed domestically and internationally on over 108+ Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs) including Netflix, Hulu, TubiTV, Amazon and The A.I.M. Network.


     We are providing opportunities for the independent artist, promoting the arts with an emphasis on poetry, entry level positions with little to no experience and networking with entrepreneurs and small businesses to support our communities of color.

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A.I.M. Network offers a variety of services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual brands - tailored to represent who you are. We also provide those same services to companies on a membership level. Each for an affordable fee. For more information, click below.


Join the A.I.M. Job Board for weekly listings of available positions within A.I.M. or outsourced. From film projects and casting calls to writing gigs and commercial production openings, there are opportunities at all experience levels. Especially for post-secondary students looking to expand and diversify their portfolio.

Meet The Team

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Poetess April J. Armstrong

CEO, Founder, Host, Owner of Aja'z Essentialz


Marcus "Black-Phoenix" Turner

VP, Event Host, Poetry Curator, Owner of Phoenix Page to Stage Workshop


Minister T. Hatchett

Human Resources, Music Supervisor, Host, Owner of JG Hatchett Entertainment LLC


Dwayne "BluePrint" Peay

Chief Officer of Operators, Owner of BluLite Film & Distribution


Sophia Peterson

Executive Assistant, Event Planner, Host, Co-Owner of Sophisticated Radiance Event Planners

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Client Testimonials


Tynea Smith, Founder of Still Breathing Movement, Inc. 

Armstrong Media International

has been such a loyal supporter and help when it comes to this organization and all it's promotional needs. They have provided ingenuity and creativity to all it has created for my organization, that captivate my viewers. Prompt services, clarity in the vision and a giving spirit is what you get when you place your request in the hands of this company.


JG Hatchett Entertainment LLC, subsidiaries Untapped Talent Recordings and Untapped Music Radio

    It has been such an honor to not just work with but be a sponsor for Armstrong International Media, LLC (A.I.M).  The A.I.M staff are very professional with a great sense for the people. They value ideas and opinions and make every effort to implement them. One of JG Hatchett Entertainments best decision was to work with and sponsor A.I.M. LLC.


Stevie G, artist on Untapped Talent Recordings - "LoveSearch" EP

April is a Sweet, kind, hardworking professional. She does her job very well with no complaints. I have reached out to her multiple times for work I needed on my music project and she has come through, with flying colors. April would be a wonderful asset to have on any platform. She has completed videos for my project, did the cover for my EP. She is simply hands down a multi talented woman, so don't miss out on her. She has completely satisfied my project and I look forward to her adding her graceful touch to more..

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Award-Winning Screenwriter, Author, Motivational/Transitional
Speaker Andree Harris

I was referred to AIM Incorporated LLC by a trusted colleague.  After much pondering, I decided to give them a call. I thought “what the heck, it cant hurt to ask questions.” 

I knew that there weren’t many people that could keep up with me.  However, although I was moving and shaking.  I accomplished nothing.  I took a few master classes and thought ‘it’s time’.  


Needless to say I found AIM Inc.  to be extremely capable of handling my tasks.  I am ever-evolving and AIM is on the wheel along with the many facets of my life.  

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