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A.I.M. Network Services

All consults are $50 for 30 minutes. All prices are starting prices & subject to change.

Choose A La Carte services or bundle for a discounted, tailored package to fit your business needs. Email A.I.M. Network today for more information

*Web Design - $150 consult

*Graphic Design - $20-50 / hour

*Marketing and Promotions - $5K

*Social Media Management - $400 / mo

*Commercial Development - $350

*Human Resource services - $150 per employee

*Podcast production - $550 (A.I.M Network)

*Contract services - $50 

*Distribution for TV & Film - $5K / 1yr**

*TV Production - $1K (A.I.M Network)**

*Production Crew - $5K (A.I.M. Studios)

*Voiceovers - $60-80 / hour

*Writing services - $0.70c per word

*Business Consultations - $50 / 30mins

  --Business Development


  --Course Building


*Event Planning Services - $75 consultation

*TV Show/Podcast Consult only $1K / mo

**TV shows air episodic & seasonally only for distribution**

Abstract Lines

Network Broadcasting

Original content from A.I.M. Network 

scheduled to start streaming soon.

*Sunday Morning Worship

*Crossroads Ministries

*The S.H.A.R.E. Space

*It's Getting Real with T. Hatchett

*An Interview With

*Get Wright Fitness

*Your Oral Diktion Academy

*Let The Kings Speak

*Her Victory Has A Voice

*Cup of Tee Live Experience

*Indie and Classic Movies


*Poetry Vidoes

*Music Videos

**More shows in pre-production for 2023**

We are looking to place shows with a voice for the community, showcase representation and positive images of our communities of color.

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